Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Standing Alone

I can't recall the number of times I've taught my daughter to stand up for what she believes in...for the needy...for the broken...for right over wrong...for truth. I've taught her to never compromise who she is...who God says she is, as He is the ONLY One who determines her worth. I've cautioned that sometimes standing up for what's right means we have to stand alone. Do it anyway. I've shared that this can be a lonely road at times, but it exalts God, and He always blesses His faithful children! Always.

My daughter was given this opportunity to exalt God today.

I've always longed for my daughter to be in a private Christian school or to be home-schooled. I shutter to think of the influence she's surrounded by in public school. It was tough when I was going through school, but it's drastically different now. As a Christian, my daughter frequently meets opposition at school. There are lots of children that come from Christian families, but honestly - there is nothing in them that resembles Christ. Some chalk that up to be adolescence, puberty, and immaturity. Maybe so. But, I've always prayed...for as long as I can remember...that my sweet girl would be different. I prayed that she would not be a stereotypical teenager, that she would be bold in her faith, a missionary in the school, that she would be warm and loving to her friends, and obedient and respectful to her parents. I prayed that she would defy the odds and that she would remain in the palm of God's hand.

Yesterday, she came home from school and shared that it had to be one of the most awkward days ever. In the 8th grade, they are learning to debate and are using current events as some of those jumping off points to debate. In preparation for the debate that was to take place today, the teacher asked the students yesterday to go to one of three places in the room, depending on where they stood on the matter. Everyone got up to scatter to those areas, and my daughter immediately realized that she was the ONLY one standing in her group. Actually, ALL of the students went to the first group in the room - the one made popular by the media, by our culture, and by the masses. Nobody went to the second group. but, my daughter went to the third group...alone. She was shocked to discover that she would be debating the class today...alone.

After sharing all of this with us last night, she was afraid she couldn't handle it. She couldn't believe she was the only one in her class to believe that way. I told her that (1) she may not be the only one, but she was the only one brave enough to stand alone, and (2) even if she was the only it anyway!! We took the matter to prayer last night. I prayed for her again this morning. And...God responded. The debate went well. She was empowered, strong, not nervous, emotionally sound, and never waivered. You know why? She was never standing alone. God was with her the whole time...and, I'm sure He was quite pleased, as was this mama!

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