Friday, January 7, 2011

Africans are Praying for Me!

Good evening bloggy friends!

I just realized that I posted several days ago that I'm usually a morning blogger with an occasional evening post or two. Well!!!!! I guess I just proved that's NOT the case this week. I'd love to get back into my morning blog routine, but I can't seem to get there right now. Spending lots of time with Jesus these days! So...bear with me!

I was so excited to get a sweet email from a friend of mine in Africa a couple of days ago - Pastor David - the dad of the one and only Baby Grace. THE baby that has been the center of many of my blog posts since June. They're back in Liberia after having spent several months here in the states with their miracle baby. I'm not going to repeat that whole story here, but if you're new to my blog...go back and read some of the prior posts about this adventure! It'll knock your socks off to see how amazing God truly has been throughout this journey!

Anyway...I just had to tell you THE MOST COOLEST (I know...I know...that's not grammatically correct) thing he shared with me in the email. He said that his family and other African friends of theirs are praying for me! This was not just a blanket "we're praying for you" statement. They are praying over a VERY SPECIFIC thing I shared with them while they were visiting with me in my home in NC. Friends, I was brought to tears when I read that. I shared a prayer request very near and dear to my heart while they were here in November. So near and dear that I'm not really ready to share it on my blog - maybe sometime later this year. Anyway, they were ecstatic that they could do this for me. They agreed to pray then, and they've not forgotten. They told me they have nothing else to offer, but they CAN and WILL pray! They live in a poverty-stricken nation. They've seen depravity at it's worst. But, they know the same miracle-working God I know, and they know that prayer works! They've been continually praying over this request, and they are just as committed to praying for it as they were for the healing for their daughter. And...I witnessed first-hand what those prayers led to. I'm ecstatic! Knowing that my Christian brothers and sisters in Africa are praying for me blesses me more than you can imagine!

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