Thursday, January 20, 2011

Praying Through Tears...


I really wish I could write an encouraging blog tonight. Or maybe something a little funny and lighthearted. Or - how about something to give you a little food for thought. The problem? I'm heartbroken.

We've been praying for months for a sweet family in our church that also happen to be missionaries to Haiti. Their precious 4-year-old daughter, Susana, was diagnosed with cancer in early in 2010. We learned to today that it appears God will be calling her home soon.

To read this latest update in their own words, click here.

As they put it...words fail me. I've never been one to be without words. But today I am. Please, I beg you, please pray for the Whittaker family. Pray they feel the arms of the Comforter surrouding them now like never before. Pray for sweet peace...the kind that passes our human understanding. Pray for their other daughter Isabela. I can't imagine the confusion and pain that her little life is experiencing as well. Continue to pray for healing and comfort for Susana. Please, just pray.

I'm honored to call you...friends!

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