Monday, January 17, 2011

20 Pounds Gone!

Thank you friends for such an outpouring of encouragement and congratulations regarding the excellent news I received on Saturday morning. And...if you're hearing this for the first time and have no clue what I'm talking short,

I'VE LOST 20 POUNDS!!!!!!!

Yes, indeed! 20 excess pounds on this body of mine are GONE! I can't tell you how ecstatic I am about this, and let me just say...this is only the beginning. As I've said before, for the first time ever...I feel I am finally being delivered from this bondage. I say "being", because this is ongoing. This is not a one-time, wave a "magic wand", drink a special concoction, and call it "done" kind of thing. This is a process. And, from my history with processes, they often hurt...they are often difficult...but, they often bring the greatest victories!

I've had a couple of you ask me how I'm doing this and what plan I'm following. That's actually not easy to answer. I wish I could say I signed up for "such and such" plan, and I'm on Day ____, but that's not the case this time. I believe there are some wonderful programs available, but in all honesty...I've done so many that this has to go deeper than that. This is between God and me, and because I've "failed" on said plans many time before, I'm letting Him direct me exclusively on this. So, here's a brief synopsis that's led to the 20 pound loss:

1. In November, I was diagnosed with some health problems - multiple, actually.

2. In December, I had surgery to correct one of them, and the other two miraculously "disappeared". Seriously.

3. Also in December, God started revealing to me during our quiet times together that 2011 was going to bring something significant in my life: DELIVERANCE. In my heart, I knew that to was to include deliverance from my weight problem.

4. Towards the end of December, God started dramatically changing my eating habits. Friends, I know this was a God thing, because it was completely outside of my "normal" habits.

5. In early January, I participated in a Daniel Fast and began eating only fruits, veggies, and beans. I fasted from meat, dairy, and sugar and totally placed my physical body in subjection to God's Holy Spirit. I had actually planned a "no food fast", but God wouldn't let me do that this time. Funny thing is...I've done several no food fasts successfully, but I firmly believe that God was teaching me something during this fast that included food!

6. God also revealed to me in January that I'm to give up sugar. Not just during a fast, but entirely. And I have. I'm not about to say that I'll never eat sugar again, but for now - it's gone!

7. I've given up sodas - even the diet ones. I eat very few carbs, and those that I do eat are not of the refined type.

8. Exercise is not yet part of my plan but will be VERY soon.

9. Prayer and Bible STUDY (real STUDY) are my cornerstones, and

10. Reading Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst and journeying through MTC with a group of ladies that God has allowed me to join up with has provided encouragement beyond explanation.

There you have it. That's the "plan". Honestly, the only reason I feel I've been successful up to this point is because...each day, I have to die to self...each day, I have to let God take control of my food choices, and each day, I choose to crave God more than food. It's a choice friends. And, God has undeniably honored that choice!

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  1. This is so awesome, Leah.
    I've had some health issues this year that has caused me to gain a considerably amount of weight. My diet is very restricted (and I still gain weight) but the only way I've been successful at only eating the foods that I can is through Him. I remind myself MANY times a day that Christ gave the ultimate sacrifice of His Son for me, so I can do without . I look forward to more updates. Keep up the awesome work. You have an amazing Teammate! :)