Thursday, January 27, 2011

Susana's Story Reaches Matt!

Hi Friends!

Can you believe this is already day 27 of my 40 day blog writing journey? WOW! It has truly been an amazing experience for me, and I pray you've enjoyed being on this journey with me. Because I never write my blog posts ahead of time (at least not during these 40 days), I'm always fearful that I'll run out of meaningful things to write about. Sure - I can write all day long - ramble, more like it. However, I want there to be some "meat", some truth, some encouragement in most of my messages.'s simply a place to share. And...I love sharing this life journey with you. This is another one of those days. I want to share something utterly precious that I saw moments ago.

If we're Facebook friends, then you may have already read this post written about Susana Whittaker, the youngest daughter of some sweet missionary friends from our church that has neuroblastoma cancer. You can read some of my earlier posts to get more information about the recent, gut-wrenching change in her condition. But, before reading any further now, please read the linked post by clicking on Susana's name above. Trust me. You don't want to miss this.'ve read it? What did you think? A little convicting isn't it?

Well, Susana's story reached across the ocean miles to Matt Redman - the singer/songwriter of her favorite worship song. He sent her a video message and sung part of HER song! (If I can figure out a way to share the video here - I will. But, right now, I can only view it on Facebook. Feel free to "friend" me, if we're not friends already, and you can see it on my wall.)

I truly believe we're just seeing the beginning of how God is going to use her story!

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